• Suppliers of Quality Used Sails

    We buy second hand sails for part exchange and trade

  • Suppliers of Quality Used Sails

    We buy second hand sails for part exchange and trade


Got the boat in the water a few weekends ago and got both the spinny and A-sail up. Excellent thank you very much. I have passed your details onto a friend whom is looking for a kite. Both sails fit well and the A-sail is phenomenal! Managed to get into close reaching with the tack tight and well broad with the tack line raised and letting the kite roll over. The sails are fantastic and your advice exceptional.

Taken delivery of asymmetric complete with sheets and adjustable tack line all fitted and works and fits perfectly. We are a very satisfied customer and the design and construction is spot on.
Peter Jefferies, Yacht scoundrel

I bought a sail from you last November and was delighted with the quality of the sail and the service.We have used the sail extensively and technical knowledge was fantastic and spot on thankyou. I have been looking at your second hand sail section again and am very interested in buying a mainsail!
Atlantic Islands Sail Training Centre

I bought sail, have just had the first chance to hoist & check the sail. Very pleased with the sail and your expert advise and how commendably and speedily the sail was supplied and promptly delivered .
M. Flesher

Loving the two jibs I purchased from you for the Beneteau 47.7 short rig, we finished 2nd overall in the ISC class in round the island yesterday so very very happy with the used sails
Nick A.

Many thanks for this sail. It arrived on time in Whitehaven and we used it to good effect on the trip down to Anglesey that night. Looking forward to more use from it during the race fits well and is in great condition and supplying the sail at short notice.
R. Hindle

Dear John and team,
A note to say how pleased I am with the sail the alterations and general set are quality the sail fits and sets perfectly. I will be in touch soon for a replacement main and spinnaker. Thanks to you and your team for such expert and helpfully service providing a really nice bespoke product a rare quality in these days of mass production.
Martyn Williamson

I got a used main from you last season, very happy with the sail and service also your invaluable technical advise and have had a great season thanks to you, I am now looking for a cruising chute and genoa for the same rig/boat thanks again.
M. Mooney

Autumn – Firstly we had the new sails on yesterday , absolutely delighted with them, just love the shape and every thing about them, and have attached a photo someone took. The Transat is virtually in the bag!!
Many thanks

Sail arrived, we took it down and tried it, . All seems well, a great job, thanks,
June Caddy

The sails for Joshua’s Wake were great… much more power! The sails fit very well and shape and quality is superb

I purchased a lovely number 3 from you a few months ago and it has been great!  I am now looking for a genoa to match better with my original rig dimensions
Nick London

Sails received and rigged. I am very happy with them and will not hesitate to recommend you to other members of our club, thank you very much
Wayfarer S. Brown